Club Features

Club Directory

Club Events notification with R.S.V.P.

Club Meeting Announcements

News Letters / Documents

Birthday / Anniversary Reminders

Display Club Projects

Data Security and Privacy Assured

Display Past Presidents / B.O.D / Club History

Search Rotarians Globally

Direct access to Club / District / Rotary / Fellowship website

Payment Gateway

Club Monthly Report

Free login for spouse

Club Locator

Live Rotary News / Blogs

Data integration with Rotary International

District Team Features

Digitized District Directory

(District Committee & All Rotarians)

Auto reminder of Birthday / Anniversary of all Rotarians of District

District Governor can greet Birthday/Anniversary Wishes automatically

Access to Directory, Events, Projects & Notification of all Clubs of the District

Easy access to and other Rotary websites

Broadcast Announcements/Events to all Rotarians by one click

Mass SMS feature

Every club can generate Monthly report of all projects, Events, Meetings

Share Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML) to every Rotarian through app

Separate event module for all district level events like District Conference, Assembly, etc.