If your club is subscribe for ROW, go to your respective mobile app store, Search for 'Roster On Wheels' and download the application. Once the application is downloaded and installed, enter your Registered Mobile number without applying 0 or Country code. A Verification code is sent to you via SMS. Enter the code onto the application and you are all set to use the application.

Yes! Roster On Wheels is Rotary ® International Authorized Licensee.

Go to Directory Module. By clicking on directory you can search for a Member within your club by their Name, Classification or Family Member.

ROW has features like Club Roster, Events, Announcements,E bulletin, Birthday & Anniversary, Past Presidents, Club History, Executive Committee, Project & Recognition, Weblinks, Rotary Library. You can also search for any Rotary club or any Rotarian across the world.

ROW is supported currently on Android version 4.4 & above and iPhone (iOS version 8 & above).

ROW is a smart application. While publishing any announcement or notifications, admin has an option to send SMS to non-smart phone users or users who have not downloaded ROW application. This service is available at an additional cost to the club. To take this service please contact the ROW representative.

Club President can integrate their club data from rotary.org by selecting ROW as a vendor partner or email the club member’s data to ROW representative.

No, the club has to be registered first. Once the club is registered, all the members of the club can download and use the app at no additional cost. Also a non Rotarian cannot access data from the application.

ROW respects the privacy of every member and takes utmost care to protect it. Personal data is shared only within the club. Outside your club only business contact details are visible. If a Rotarian wishes to Enable/Disable this feature, you can go to “Setting” in option menu on the right top corner of Club Dashboard and enable sharing information like Mobile number, email address within the club members and/or with the entire Rotary World.

Every club has assigned E admins. These club admins can publish announcements, events and they can add photos and contents to the photo gallery from the application or by visiting www.rosteronwheels.com.

We use the Amazon Cloud Service to park the entire application data. We follow Global Safety standards to ensure the security of your data.

ROW occupies as little as 80 MB in your smart phone.

Yes! Go to “My Profile” in option menu on the right top corner of Club Dashboard were a member can update his/her own information like Personal/ Business and Family details. A Rotarian cannot change his/her Mobile Number. This can only be done by the club admins.

Registered Mobile Number is user authentication for Roster On Wheels application. Once you download ROW application, the system will ask to input your mobile number in the application and will send a One-Time Password to the mobile as SMS. The user has to authenticate their identity using this password to continue to the next step. The app will recognize the user and greet him by his/her name and club name, only then will he get access to the application. This makes the user’s data completely secured from all possible intruders.

As a part of our security standards, as soon as the member gains access to the application from another mobile device using a new OTP, all the data on the old application is erased. Your data would not be pilfered or misused.

E Admins of every club have the rights to edit their club information from the application or by visiting (www.rosteronwheels.com) Club Info Module.

No one else other than your club members will get the notification about the member’s birthday and Anniversary. Also users from other clubs in ROW cannot find out this information.

For more information about ROW, Please feel free to write to ROW representative.